How do I control the storybook’s volume?
Use the volume up/down buttons on the side of your device.

Why can’t I hear the sound?
Check the switch on the side of your device (next to the volume up/down buttons). If you see orange, then your device is muted. Slide the switch back into the ON position to hear the sound. Or, double tap the Home Button to see the “app menu” at the bottom of the screen. Swipe that menu from left to right and you will see a Volume menu. If the speaker icon has a line through it, your device is muted. Tap the speaker to disable mute and hear the sound again. Turn up the volume using the volume up/down buttons on the side of your device.

What if my sound still doesn’t work?
If your sound is not working, please follow the following instructions:  
1) Check the Side Switch on the upper right corner of your iPad and make sure that the orange dot is not showing.
2) Turn up the volume using the buttons on the right side of your iPad. 3) If you are using iOS 4.3 or above (See Settings > General > Version, for iOS version number):      
- Make sure the orange dot is not showing on the Side Switch on the upper-right corner of the iPad.   
- Go to Settings > General > Use Side Switch to: > Check Mute      
- Open the app, and the sound should now be working.  

Now if you want to change the Settings to “Use Side Switch to: Lock Rotation,” you can. With the Lock Rotation setting selected, you can change the Side Switch to show the orange dot, and the app will now still have sound.

What if my sound still doesn’t work?

Sometimes things on the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch just stop working, unrelated to any Wanderful storybook. When this happens, 99% of the time you can solve the problem by doing what is called a “hard reboot” of the device. This often clears up mysterious errors that occur on our devices.

To do a “hard reboot”, simply hold down the power button on the top of the device at the same time as you hold down the “home” button on the front of the device (the round button at the bottom of the bezel of the display). After holding these both down for a few seconds, the device will present a query “Slide to power off” - then release the buttons and slide the control to the right and the device will power off. After it powers off, wait 10-20 seconds, then push and hold the power button on the top edge of the device to turn the device back on. When it comes up, all items and interim settings in memory will be cleared and the sound will now likely work as you expect.  

General Troubleshooting

How do I restart my device?
iPod touch:

I'm having trouble starting my Wanderful app.

Please restart your device to clear its memory (see link above).

My Little Ark app did not download/install to my device.
Open App Store on your device, select the Purchased icon at the bottom. From this screen, you can use the Spotlight Search in the upper right corner to type in the name of your Wanderful app. Once found, tap the cloud icon to re-install the app to your device. If you see "INSTALLED" next to the app, then it is already installed on your device.

The App Store says the Little Ark app is "INSTALLED" but I can't find it.
Use the Spotlight Search to find and launch the app. First, tap the Home button to take you to the home screen. Then, swipe from left to right and the Spotlight Search screen will appear. Type in the name of your Little Ark App (i.e., Creation or Daniel, and you will see it in a list. Tap the app icon and it will launch the App. 

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